For the first time this year, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will stage the “Summer Fun on the Tropic of Cancer.” This festival is focused on the Tropic of Cancer, which runs through the central-south of the country, dividing it into subtropical and tropical zones. The line itself is being made a tourist attraction. It crosses, from East to West, through Hualien County, Chiayi County and City, Yunlin County, and Penghu County, the last a cluster of islands in the Taiwan Strait. Along the way it crosses rugged coast, flatlands, hills, high mountains, a rift valley, and small islands. The festival will showcase the special features and strengths of each locality along the tropic – the unique scenery, foods, handicrafts, products, and leisure/recreation activities – and a series of special “Taiwan summer” theme activities tied in with tourism products will be staged. Many of the local summer-time “Tropic of Cancer” specialty foods being showcased were chosen in an online public vote launched in late April; check out the results, as well as details on the various festival activities planned in the different regions, on the official website.


Dates: June ~ Sept. 2013 (tentative)

Locations: Various locations in central-south Taiwan