Taiwan is often called a culinary paradise and, indeed, many a tourist visits the island with the objective of feasting on local delicacies that are not available elsewhere. The annual Taiwan Culinary Exhibition has been staged for 23 years, each year highlighting different local culinary achievements and giving visitors many opportunities to see and taste for themselves what’s cooking in Taiwan – literally. This year, the organizers have decided to change the format of this annual event and instead of staging a culinary exhibition at just one location as in previous years, there will be activities around the island. As part of these activities, local cuisine will be highlighted in all of Taiwan’s national scenic areas, there will be culinary contests where hotels and restaurants compete against each other, introductions of the best restaurants around the island catering to tourist groups, and an online vote where the public can choose their favorite night markets. For more info, visit www.tcff.com.tw/2013tcff (Chinese).