The Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship, certified by by the U.S. Ladies Professional Golf Association, belongs to a stop of the LPGA Tour. The Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship is among the top professional golf tournaments held in Taiwan. The grand event has attracted foreign media conducting interviews in Taiwan and broadcasting news around the world, which have increased Taiwan’s international exposures and extended the opportunities under the spotlight of the world stage for Taiwan to present its strength and financial resources in organizing international competitions. At the same time, It also increases the population enjoying in watching golf activities and satisfies fans attaching to golf in Taiwan. In the Championship, the best service and quality have been provided to cater to all participants, and free admissions have been offered to some students to allow Taiwanese students to observe and learn how to host top international competitions directly. The four-day stroke play enables each player to demonstrate thoroughly and vividly his/her superb techniques to the crowds of people, offering fans the opportunity to get in touch with their favorite sport in high level competitions.