Beitou has always been famous for hot spring bathing, and its hot springs has a long history. From the Japanese colonial period when it was developed right down to the present day, a constant stream of visitors have come. Located on the outskirts of Taipei, Beitou is blessed with rich natural resources, a traditional hot spring culture, gourmet restaurants, and convenient mass transit, and is an excellent place for visitors to rest and relax on their days off. In recent years, owing to the active expansion by the Taipei cityl government and the Taipei Hot Springs Association, tourists visiting Beitou have a wider array of choices than ever before. Since 2001 the “Taipei Hot Spring Season” has been expanded every year and today has become the biggest yearly international activity of the fall /winter season in the Beitou District. At this time every year visitors are drawn to Beitou from all areas to join together for this grand occasion. In 2011 the world class Michelin Green Guide Taiwan awarded Taiwan a three-star rating (the highest possible) as a “must see” destination for travelers, highlighting the unique, one-of-a-kind local culture of Beitou. In addition to experiencing the special Taiwanese/Japanese hot spring culture via the “Taipei Hot Spring Season” festival, one can also get a better understanding of Beitou’s rich touristic resources in ecology, culture, history, and scenery, get a feel for the unique atmosphere of a Taipei autumn, and understand from personal experience the beauty of Beitou.