Hsinchu International Flower Drum Festival, one of the 12 Major Hakka Festivals, originated in Hakka villages. The most popular portion is the Winter Harvest Activity, when plays are put on to thank the gods for protection, wish for a bountiful harvest, and appeal for sufficient rains the coming spring. In addition to signifying requests for wishes to be realized, the plays are a reward for the hard work and efforts of the villagers and display the diversity of Hakka performance art. The flower drum touring team puts on a highly entertaining show and is an essential part of the parade. Flower Drums are a type of folk drumming that originated in self-organized groups. It was closely tied to agricultural life; during their free time farmers would gather and play flower drums, livening the village atmosphere. This form of art continues today, and along with Hakka culture is taking root in Taiwan, developing a unique style different from Chinese flower drumming and Taiwanese drum line-up dancing. In consideration of this, Hsinchu County has been working to develop culture since 2000, organizing a bi-annual Hsinchu International Flower Drum Festival in order to preserve, carry on, and promote Hakka culture and traditional flower drumming. With a firm foundation in home and tradition, the festival hopes to surpass national boundaries and promote flower drumming to the world.