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Title East Rift Valley Cycling Carnival
Introduction East Rift Valley has a wealth of resources for tourism and recreation. Beautiful landscape with a rich and diverse Aboriginal culture, by blending cycling activities and events with the sightseeing of local characteristics, offers tourists a depth experience of Huatung’s tribal culture, food, and Arts. East Rift Valley Cycling Carnival is just one of a series of activities and events featuring a diverse recreational way to enjoy a depth tour of the East Rift Valley by bicycles and public transportation. The cycling activities, with the concept of tourism, are aimed at featuring cycling trips, which are not for competition, to let the riders challenging themselves while enjoying the fun of riding, and to experience the local scenery of Hualien and Taitung, stopping and going along the way. East Rift Valley Cycling Carnival has invited international bikers to experience together the bicycle roads along with the beautiful scenery of seas and mountains of Huatung Valley, to introduce the cycling paradise into the international arena, to drive the fashion of healthy cycling for the countrymen. We hope people can not only enjoy the fun and health in both hiking and biking, but also convey the images of Taiwan’s vitality in carbon reduction. And, through the active participation of everyone, we let the world knows Taiwan’s beauty and make the cycling festival to become Asia’s most famous cycling event to improve the international visibility of Taiwan, creating Hualien and Taitung areas a race-cum-leisure paradise for international cycling events.
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Organizers East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC