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Title Caoling Historic Trail Giant Silver Season
Introduction Caoling Historic Trail is a leg of the Danlan Historic Trail opened up in the late Qianlong era of the Qing dynasty that linked the Tamshui Department and the Kavalan Department. It is a trail that goes between Yuanwangkeng in the Gongliao District of New Taipei City County and the mountain area at Dali, Toucheng Township, Yilan County. It has a total length of 8.5km and runs along Mt. Caoling, which is the demarcation line between New Taipei City County and Yilan County, from which fact the trail gets its name. Every November the Chinese silver grass is in full bloom along the Caoling Historic Traill. In the cool autumn air the flowers begin to fade, yet it is the height of the silver grass season along the trail. The silver grass looks like an ocean as it waves in the breeze. Different from a spring scene when flowers compete with their riotous colors as we walk along, travelers who come here to experience the silver grass stroll along the winding trail and are greeted by an autumn atmosphere with the silver grass swaying to and fro, a blue sky overhead, green grass below, a 100-year-old trail “wearing white cotton” that ripples with the breeze—it’s as if we are being told the moving story of the pioneers of yesteryear who toiled so hard to blaze this trail: a limitless landscape unfolds before us bringing peace of mind, taking us far away from the hubbub of our mundane world! This autumn we invite you to a rendezvous to experience the beauty of past and present, enjoy the northeast coast’s rich ecology and panoply of culture and art, listen to the prelude of the Historic Trail, experience the moving feeling and the totally relaxing time that awaits you.
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