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Title Taiwan Lantern Festival
Introduction The 15th of the 1st lunar month, known as “Minor New Year,” is the Lantern Festival and the tail end of New Year activities. This day is a joyful occasion for each and every family, who all “celebrate the Lantern Festival.” Traditionally, firecrackers and colorful fireworks are set off and hand-held lanterns or torches are lit. Amidst the noise and excitement, a picture of national prosperity and tranquility and a people enjoying themselves together is revealed. As they feast on rice dumplings in an auspicious atmosphere, they come together to welcome in the New Year. In the past, festive lanterns were displayed in front of every major temple, and if people wanted to appreciate these lanterns they had to run from one temple to the next. Since 1990, however, the Tourism Bureau planned and organized a Taiwan Lantern Festival in hopes of creating a unique international-level event, like the Munich Oktoberfest, the Hokkaido Snow Festival, and the Brazilian Carnival that are known throughout the world and attract international tourists. This event is now is entering its 24th year. In the early years the venue for the festival was primarily fixed at Taipei’s National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, but in 2001 county cities began to compete to hold the event. Aside from the main theme lanterns whose form is based on the Chinese zodiac animal of the particular year, there is a diverse display of lantern art, such as festive lanterns that reflect the different culture and customs of local villages from all over Taiwan, the creative work of ordinary individuals brought in through the cooperation of local schools, secondary theme lanterns, the Blessing Lantern Area, and the Joyous Lantern Area. In 2007 the Discovery Channel recommended the Taiwan Lantern Festival as one of the best holiday celebration events. The Lantern Festival is not only a time when you can admire lanterns, for on opening day every year famous Taiwanese and foreign performing groups come to put on a brilliant show!
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Organizers Tourism Bureau of MOTC, Nantou County Government