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Title The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival In Miaoli
Introduction The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival has become one of Taiwan’s most important events around the end of spring. Established by the Hakka Affairs Council in 2002, it was first organized in and became the grandest event of Miaoli, which has the highest concentration of Hakka people in Taiwan. It also shows the close connection between Tung blossoms and the Hakka people. The Tung tree, found in mountain forests, was the Hakka’s most important plant, from which came oil and the material for building everyday items. During those resource-scarce times, the Hakka relied on trees for their livelihood and held deep feelings for them. The Tung Blossom Festival includes flower appreciation, tours of the village and houses, and grand ceremonies for worshipping mountain deities, representing gratitude and reverence for the land of the mountain as well as encouraging overseas Hakka to remember their roots and carry on the cultural legacy. A variety of events, such as art performances, hands-on activities, and food tasting teach the public about Hakka culture, and a wealth of activities are a chance for tourism economic opportunities and selling local products.
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