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Title Wan Jin Shi International Marathon
Introduction “WanJinShi” refers to New Taipei City’s three north coastal districts of Wanli, Jinshan, and Shimen, interlaced with mountains and ocean that provide a roadside scenic vista for runners of the New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi International Marathon. This marathon is one of the three major Taiwan marathons (the other two being the equally famous Fubon Taipei Marathon and the Hualian Taroko Gorge Marathon). The Marathon also enjoys friendly ties with the “Okinawa Global Long Distance Running Association” and the “Naha Marathon Association,” with which it exchanges visits and takes part in joint competitions that attract athletes from Kenya to join in on the grand event. The 2013 Wan Jin Shi Marathon was divided into a full marathon, a half-marathon and a 6-km training run that, in addition to giving top runners a chance to show their skills, was also aimed at giving average people the opportunity to challenge themselves, with the hope that marathon running could become an activity for everyone, forging a new set of values for health and happiness. In addition, the New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi International Marathon also boosts the industrial development of Wanli, Jinshan, and Shimen Districts; it is especially the business and marketing of local tourism that are helped, as is that of an “alternative” leisure industry.
●1No. 2 parking lot of Pacific Green Bay, Wanli District, New Taipei City (No.1, Haijing Rd., Wanli Dist., New Taipei City) Map
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Organizers New Taipei City Government