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Title 2013 Taiwan International Orchid Show
Introduction Taiwan is famous for orchid-growing techniques and therefore decided to organize the Taiwan International Orchid Show, which was along with Tokyo and World Orchid Festival are the top 3 in the world. The Taiwan exhibition featured 4 main themes and several exhibition areas, displaying the beauty of the flowers in a variety of settings. With over 1,500 flowers and 200 competition judges, the exhibition featured content and events and aimed to boost the flower industry and create more opportunities for international trade, exchange, and mutual learning. The exhibition has transformed from a traditional retail to half-sales/half-trade model. The exhibition made use of large, creative, and complex materials to make flowers arrangement appear artistic, exquisite, and well-designed. In 2012, 260,000 people visited and sales totalled $8.6 billion NT; in 2013, over 3000 buyers from 35 nations came to Taiwan and exhibition sales broke a new record of $9.2 billion NT. In addition to orchid products, displays, and sales, the exhibition included a performance area with a variety of shows for visitors to enjoy, as well as providing a place to relax. Flower arrangement and art classes combined living and art, turning flowers into an exhibition of life and part of everyday life.
●Taiwan Orchid Plantation (No.325, Wushulin, Wushu Village, Houbi Dist., Tainan City) Map
Tel 886-6-6830304
Organizers Tainan City Government, Taiwan External Trade Development Council