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Title Austronesian Wedding
Introduction The people of Austronesia are believed to have originally come from Asia and may have originally been a part of the Kam-Tai or Austroasiatic people. After splitting off, they came to Taiwan about 6,000 years ago. The marriage ceremonies of the Paiwan and Rukai groups are representative of the whole, with procedures and culture following traditional practices (betrothal gifts, sedan chairs, and swings). The event begins under the eye of the Dawushan mother, with Majia Township fired shots. Red quinoa wine symbolizes love and union. During the Newlywed’s Night of the Linali tribe, the guests and the new couple enjoy themselves and the joy and lively atmosphere of the event. The event also includes aborigine cultural market events and Paiwan dance performances, giving an Austronesian cultural atmosphere and rich display of other cultural aspects. In order to enhance the atmosphere, the event is held in spring when flowers are in bloom. The new couples are deeply affectionate and fortunate, completing the ceremony and starting their new life.
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