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Title Alishan Sakura Season
Introduction Shrouded by clouds and fog, the beauty of Alishan increases during the cherry blossom season from February to April. The romantic atmosphere of the Cherry Blossom and Music concert is intoxicating, and visitors are surrounded by flying flowers and beautiful music, a visual and auditory experience! Poets such as Yu Guangzhong, Zheng Chouyu, Yin Di, Xi Murong, and Xiao Xiao were brought to Poet’s Trail to compose a few pieces and lend the area a literary atmosphere. Cherry Way, a sky passage located at high altitude, overlooks forest cuckoos and a sea of beautiful windowsill orchids, wisterias, calla lilies, Hall crabapples, and lily magnolias, hydrangeas. Take the small train that winds up the mountain next to Alishan highway…the mountain is hazy amidst the misty rain, red cherry blossom petals drift in the wind and rain, making Alishan a romantic, colorful painting.
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