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Title Taoyuan International ACG Fair
Introduction Taiwan’s comic book market is rapidly developing and maturing, and comic books as a whole are a strong cultural industry around the world. The International Comics & Animation Festival provided artists and illustrators a place to display their talents as well as a place of gathering for fans and cultural event lovers. The Taoyuan International ACG Fair showcased a variety of content divided into 2 main exhibitions for still and moving images. Exhibitions featured famous authors, illustrators, and works from around the world, the Angouleme International Comics Festival, and Taoyuan, in addition to large robots and numerous models. In addition to providing the opportunity to appreciate works, exhibitions also explained the process of creating comics. The moving image exhibition included spectacular events such as a comic book symphony concert, Cosplay festival, comic book creative market, workshop, and lectures. Welcom to Taoyuan International ACG Fair!
● Taoyuan Arts Center No. 1188, Zhōngzhèng Rd, Taoyuan City, Taoyuan CountyTaoyuan City Taoyuan CityMap
TEL 886-3-3322592#8540
Organizers Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan County Government