Getting Around

  • Air

    Taiwan has 10 domestic airlines, serving all of Taiwan’s major tourist destinations, including some offshore islands. Tickets can be booked as part of a tour or from local travel agencies- which are generally cheaper than buying direct from the airline.

    For more information, please visit Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport , KIA Airport

  • Bus

    Taiwan has a widespread and reliable network of bus services. Government run buses have two separate classes- Kuokuang (luxury) and Chunghsing (economy).

    There are numerous private bus and coach services with a wide range of services and comfort levels. Tickets can be booked in advance from travel agencies.

    For more information, please visit Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System, MRT Information

    Bus Companies
    Kuokuang Bus Corp.0800-010-138(03)383-4004
    Free Go Express.(02)2586-3065 (03)393-1351
    Toward You Air Bus Co.0800-088-626
    Evervoyage Transport Corp.(03)357-04983833801(03)393-1707
    United Highway Bus(02)2995-77992995-8735(03)383-4779
    Taoyuan Bus Corp.(03)375-3711
    Dragon Bus 0800-550599(02)2571-0166
    Aloha Bus(02)2550-8488
  • Taipei MRT station Taipei MRT station


    There are two coastal train services in Taiwan- on the East Coast (Diesel services) and the West Coast (Electrified services).

    There are four classes of train travel in Taiwan, with the best, Ziqiang, offering luxury air conditioned carriages and dining cars.

    For more information on Train Travel in Taiwan, please click here : Rail Tours

  • Taxi

    Efficient, metered taxi services are available in Taiwanese cities and large towns. Drivers rarely speak English, so always have your destination (and return address) written down in full Chinese characters before you set out.

  • Car Hire

    Car hire is possible in Taiwan, through rental agencies based in most cities and large towns. An average rental is around NT$2500 daily- limited mileage, insurance and fuel costs apply.

    Driving in Taiwan is on the right hand side of the road, and while road conditions are good, traffic can be heavy and congested.

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