Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou hot spring is surrounded by Shamau Mountain, Datun Mountain and Chising Mountain. It spreads the sulfur mist all year round. The place is bestowed with abundant hot spring resources. It is called "the hot spring village". The hot spring area refers to more than 10 places such as Dijegu, Lungfung, Funghuang, Hushanli and Hsinyi Road. The major area for hot spring spa is Chungshan Road, Kuanming Road, Hsinming Road and Chuandu Road that surround Beitou Hot Spring Park ;.

The hot spring hotels in this area are larger and numerous. There are many selections no matter the public pools, the individual pools or spa in hotels. Hot spring outlets here are mostly sulfur springs. There are white sulfur, green sulfur and iron sulfur springs. The temperatures of the springs are in the range of 55 to 58 Celsius. They are very effective in healing dermatosis and arthritis. In order to understand the development of Beitou hot spring, one must visit Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

There are 12 exhibition rooms in the museum for demonstration of actual objects, information or pictures regarding the history of Beitou hot spring, the history of Beitou culture, historical buildings/sites, domestic/foreign hot springs and Beitou rocks, etc. On the second floor there is a Japanese-floor activity hall for small occasions. The public pools for men/women are reserved by the museum for public tour. Beitou hot spring is introduced at regular times via multi-media device. Other than hot spring spa and visiting the hidden/old sites, tourists may view the amazing sulfur geothermal scene at Dijegu (left side of the end of Chungshan Road next to Beitou Park), the end of Hsinyi Road or the sulfur valley next to Chenshu Senior High School.

The focus of this tour is hot spring spa. However, tourists may also visit Kuandu Temple, one of the oldest temples in northern Taiwan, at Kuandu. Tourists may view the scene of riverside outlet at Kuandu Natural Park. During the spring and autumn, it is a good place for bird watching. National Palace Museum hosts the most precious Chinese art crafts. The number of its collections for Chinese artifacts is the highest in the world.

The collections include treasure, paintings by famous artists, ceramics/porcelain, bronze wares, emeralds, sculpture/carving, beautiful covers, knitting works and other historical items. At night, one may go to Shihlin Night Market for a good meal. All of the Taiwan special delicacies are here, including sausage, large pancake encompassing small pancake, fried squid, assorted chopped ice and oyster noodle, etc.