Yushan photo West Taiwan Mt.Yushan

Taiwan is a mountainous country, with terrain ranging from beautiful forested hill to soaring peaks.

Whether you are hill walker or a mountaineer, you can find the perfect trek or hike for your levels of fitness and experience.

Prime trekking areas include Alishan, where there is an extensive network of hiking trails offer everything from day hikes to serious ascent trekking. Highly recommended is the 10 hour circuit to Fengshan, or the easy dawn hike to the summit of Chushan to watch the sunrise.

There are also good hikes possible in the hills around Wulai, in Tungpu and along the Southern highway.The sheer cliffs near keeling on the North East Coast are popular with technical rock climbers.

Alishan photo West Taiwan Alishan

For experienced climbers, bagging the peak of Mt.Yushan will be the main aim of a trip To Taiwan. This is the highest point in Taiwan with an elevation of 3952 meters. It has 11 separate peaks, all of which are steep and rocky. This makes Yushan an extremely challenging climb for Mountaineers. The best time to climb the mountain is from October to December during the dry season. From January to March, there are deep snows on the upper reaches of the mountain.

A Yushan climb takes you through a subtropical at the lowest levels, a temperate and humid belt, then a cold and damp belt, and finally to an extremely high altitude zone.

Tungpu.jpg photo Hiking trails Tungpu

Before entering any restricted mountain areas, foreign mountaineers are asked to apply for entrance permit. If necessary, the ROC Mountain Association can arrange an English guide for a group of 4 or more members. But for those mountain areas less restricted, the local police stations are responsible for the issue of B Class entrance permit. The applicants have to provide their personal IDs or passports.

In order to apply for an entrance permit, the applicant has to submit an application form with the attachment of passport or alien residence permit, ID or any approval documents issued by competent authorities, to the Police Affairs Department, local police stations or the police team in the National Parks. But if the foreign visitor applies for the permit in company with a ROC citizen for a same reason, he can follow the same procedures of the ROC people.

Apply for a Foreigner's Mountain Pass

Where to apply :

Foreign Affairs Section of your local police bureaus

Application procedure :

Fill out one application form Present following materials:

Processing time:


For further details, please check with National Police Administration at Tel:2357-7377 For tour operators, click here: Tour Operator Listing