Fortune Telling and Fengshui


As part of their traditional Taoist beliefs, many Chinese people still use a process of "Geomancy" widely known as "Fengshui". In order to ensure the harmonious order of the world of both the living and the dead- certain structures and physical objects need to be arranged to suit the balance of energy and spirits.

Geomancers are often consulted to ensure the correct physical layout of homes and workplaces. In Taiwan, geomancers are widely consulted on the positioning and decoration of tombs.

Another traditional belief is the practice of fortune telling and astrological prediction, using the Lunar calendar. Unlike the Western zodiac, it is the year of your birth, rather than month, that dictates your individual sign.

In the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 signs, each one named for an animal blessed by Buddha.

Geomancy, Chinese zodiacs and individual fortune readings can easily be found in Taiwan, but a translation will definitely be required.

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