Hot Springs

Hot springs at Beitou Hot springs at Beitou

Taiwan offers the perfect solution for anyone wanting to relax and recharge their mind and body- naturally. There are many geothermal hot springs throughout Taiwan. The warm waters of these springs, heated and charged by the earth's own energy, are believed to soothe, revitalize and reinvigorate the body.

A hot-spring spa A hot-spring spa

Some of these springs have been diverted into bathhouses and health spas where the waters can be enjoyed in pools and private bathrooms, and other traditional treatments are also offered.

Others remain completely natural, in forests and alongside rivers, and are ideal spots to relieve tired muscles on a long hike through the wilderness.

The nearest springs to Taipei are at Beitou- accessible on the main MRT line. Visitors can see the source of the springs in the bubbling sulfur of Hell Valley, then visit the Bathhouse Museum, an original spa once used by the Japanese- including World War two Kamikaze pilots who were given a luxurious break at Beitou before being sent on their final missions.

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