Taiwan's natural heritage is protected in 6 National Parks: kending Yushan Yangmingshan Taroko Gorge Shei-pa and Kinmen and 12 designated scenic areas.

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There are large areas of indigenous sub-tropical forest, particularly on the east Coast. These forests tend to be montane forests, rich in cypress, juniper, fir, bamboo and some rare camphor trees.

Many of Taiwan's forests were logged during the Japanese occupation, but new programs are now in place to re-afforest large areas of denuded woodland.

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This is good news for the island???s 18,400 species of wildlife of which about 20% are considered rare or endangered species. One of the best known of these is the extremely rare Formosan black bear. Also found in the forests are Sambar and Muntjac deer, and the Serow (a species of Mountain Goat) along with many other protected species of primates, mammals and reptiles.

Bird lovers can also admire rare species of birds here in Taiwan. Boasting the second-highest concentration of bird species per square kilometer in the world, Taiwan is also home to 15 endemics, as well as a host of near-endemic and rare species. Every year over 70 species of birds migrate to Taiwan, several of which are world-famous endangered species.