A paradise for bird watchers

With its rivers and mountains, Taiwan's landscapes are diversified and awe-inspiring. Extreme differences in the elevation of various parts of the island and the Asian tropical oceanic climate are responsible for such diversity and abundance in the native flora and fauna. Environmental conservation is a strong emerging concept here, and it is influencing national policy and lifestyles all across the island. The six national parks and many environmental groups are testaments to Taiwan 's collective environmental awareness, and have been critical in making Taiwan a haven for birds (and bird watchers!). As the benefits of environmental conservation emerge, a greater range of biodiversity will follow, and more and rarer birds will flock to the sanctuary that is Taiwan . For bird watchers, Taiwan is one of the best sites in Asia to catch a peek at all kinds of birds.

Popular bird watching areas

Bird watching tips:

Bird watching activities inevitably impact the environment. In order to reduce such impact, please follow these suggestions:

Resident bird species in Taiwan

Migratory birds in Taiwan

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Taiwan Wild Bird Associations

Wild Bird Federation Taiwan
Addr: 1F, 3, Lane 36, Chinglung St., Taipei, Taiwan, 116
Tel: (02)8663-1252
Fax: (02)2930-3595
Web: www.bird.org.tw
Wild Bird Society of Taipei
Addr: 1F, 3, Lane 160, Sec.2, Fusing, South Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, 106
Tel: (02)2325-9190
Fax: (02)2775-4209
Web: www.wbst.org.tw
Taiwan Wild Bird Information Center
Addr: 1F, 3, Lane 36, Chinglung St., Taipei, Taiwan, 116
Tel: (02)2262-5108
Fax: (02)2265-6462