Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, a lively metropolis that has grown from an isolated river valley into one of Asia's most vibrant cities.

Taipei World Trade Center Taipei World Trade Center

This sprawling city is Taiwan!|s most populous area, with well over 2.9 million people calling the city home. Taipei is a business hub and a thriving economic powerhouse that has drives the Nation.

But this is also the cultural heart of the island. Far from being a soul-less place of concrete and steel, Taipei also values its past and the traditions that built this city.

Alongside its skyscrapers and highways, you will still find places of peace and contemplation, temples, shrines and museums dedicated to preserving the unique history of the country.

Taipei Street Scene (Dihua street) Taipei Street Scene (Dihua street)

But Taipei is also a place for enjoyment, where hard working residents also find time to work hard at having fun. With an endless choice of restaurants serving a whole world of cuisine, including a showcase of the best that China has to offer, nightclubs, live music, theatre and much much more- Taipei is a city with something for everyone.

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