East Taiwan

East Taiwan road along Taroko gorge East Taiwan road along Taroko gorge

Eastern Taiwan is the wildest and least populated area of the island, with dense forests lining a rugged, rocky coastline of crashing surf and plunging cliffs, while white water rivers carve their way inland through spectacular gorges.

Some highlights include:

East Taiwan Taroko Gorge East Taiwan Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

This wild and wonderful gorge is Taiwan!|s best known National Park and premier tourist attraction.

A broad marble gorge with precipitous cliffs framing a wild white water river, Taroko is a great spot for hiking and trekking, in addition to visiting natural hot springs, remote shrines and temples and Ami Aboriginal villages.

There are numerous hiking trails through the gorge, with options ranging from short walks to longer multi-day hikes, with campsites and bungalows along the way.

Hot Springs

At the East coast towns of Juisui, Hungyeh and Antung are a series of hot springs, available for medicinal bathing and treatments. The waters from the springs are pumped into specialized spa resorts.

At Chihpen, near Taitung, lies one of Taiwan!|s most highly regarded hot spring spas. Here the springs allow for open air bathing along the riverside, and in the springs, in tranquil, all natural surrounds. The forests around Chihpen have winding walking trails, and are home to many bird and monkey species.

While in the area, it is well worth visiting the nearby Chingchueh Buddhist temple, home to a large white jade Buddha imported from Burma and a golden Buddha from Thailand.

East Taiwan Rafting in the Hsiukuluan River East Taiwan Rafting in the Hsiukuluan River

Hsiukuluan River

The many narrow gorges and winding rivers of this region make this perfect rafting country- and the Hsiukuluan is the best white water in the area. Well organized and fully equipped rafting trips are run from the nearby town of Hualien.

With 22kms of fine grade rapids to run, a white water expedition is a full day event, carrying rafts along a twisting course of challenging water- with unforgettable scenery along the way. This is a must for any adventurous traveler in Taiwan.