Buongiorno! Travel Taiwan with L’Hotel de Chine

Monday, August 19th 2013
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NT$1.3 million is offered to welcome top travel bloggers from around the world

New Taipei City, July 31, 2013 -- According to the Pacific Asia Travel Association, foreign tourists visiting Taiwan increased more than 20% in 2012.  According to the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan on July 21, as many as 3.16 million foreign tourists visited Taiwan in the first five months of this year, an annual increase of 6.17%, including a 4% increase of tourists from Malaysia and an increase of more than 12% of tourists respectively from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore.  Supporting the government’s tourism promotion policy while continuing the hotel group’s success experience in its working holiday program in 2011, L’Hotel de Chine now offers “Buongiorno! Travel Taiwan with L’Hotel de Chine” in order to help even more categories of tourists explore Taiwan.  In particular, the event for this year welcomes bloggers from around the world to propose the themes of their Taiwan tours, why they want to visit Taiwan, and their travel plans in order to win complimentary accommodation at 10 L’Hotel de Chine hotels throughout Taiwan.


The winners will be selected by online voting and each winner will receive NT$5,000 as a travel subsidy; the prizes total more than NT$1.2 million.  The event is divided into three groups of entrants from 1) Taiwan, 2) Hong Kong, Macau, and elsewhere in the world, and 3) Mainland China.  Three winners will be selected from each of the first two groups and seven winners will be selected from the third group of entrants from Mainland China.  The third group will work with qunar.com -- a renowned travel website in Mainland China -- to have the seven winners selected from four different travel themes.  On September 15, the 13 winners  are slated to gather in Taiwan, begin their tours of Taiwan, and compete for complimentary accommodation for six nights at one of L’Hotel de Chine’s hotels in Italy.  There will be three ultimate winners -- one to be selected from each group -- of the accommodation in Italy worth a total of NT$110,000.  For details, please visit the website of L’Hotel of Chine or the website of this event at http://www.ldctrip.com/, or call 886-2-2998-6788 for the Advertising & Promotion Department of the hotel group.


There are many unbeaten paths and well-kept secrets in Taiwan, but it is not easy for tourists to explore them.  Therefore L’Hotel de Chine targets bloggers this year, inviting them to each send in a 200-word proposal on their insights into theme tours in Taiwan.  After the online voting for one month, the top-three winners from each group selected will come to Taiwan on September 5 for a tour lasting as long as up to ten days (nine nights) with complimentary accommodation at the 10 starred hotels of L’Hotel de Chine.  Each of them will be entitled to a travel subsidy of NT$5,000.  When all the 13 winners are in Taiwan, they need to upload their travelogues daily, and the three ultimate winners of L’Hotel de Chine’s complimentary accommodation in Italy will be decided by the average daily traffic of browsing their travelogues and judges’ votes.


Because of the vast expanse of Mainland China, the entrants from there working with gunar.com will compete in four themes: 1) nostalgia, 2) gourmands, 3) arts and culture, and 4) sweet love.  One or two winners will be selected from each theme, and the winners selected from the fourth theme should be a pair of lovers.  Competition among the seven winners from there China is expected to be very exciting because they are all hotel critics for qunar.com and each of them has tens of millions of blog fans.


“Foreign tourists in Taiwan tend to like to explore night markets, but there are many other theme tour itineraries,” said Emile Sheng, President of L’Hotel de Chine.  “Therefore, we offer more than NT$1.3 million this time as an effort to stimulate the creativity of entrants.  This event for top travel bloggers hopes not only to introduce our 15 brand-name hotels, including our hotels in Italy, to the world but also highlight the unique cultural landscapes in Taiwan via these highly popular bloggers.  By doing so, we want to invite more tourists from abroad to enjoy the beauty and fun of Taiwan.”



     Attachment  1


Event Measures

Part one.       Contest eligibility

All eligible local and foreign bloggers who run a blog can enroll in one of the following groups:

I.        The Taiwan group.

II.       The Hong Kong/Macao and international group.

III.           The China group (relevant event recruitment content and measures, please refer to the Qunar website)


Part two.       Event schedule

Event period:  August 1, 2013 ~ September 25, 2013

Enrollment and voting period:  10:00AM, August 1, 2013 ~ 18:00PM, August 23, 2013

Announcement of the winners  Travel Taiwan with L’Hotel de Chine:  August 26, 2013

Travel dates for itinerary of Travel Taiwan with L’Hotel de Chine:  September 6, 2013 ~ September 15, 2013

Announcement of the lodging winners to the L’Hotel de Chine Group’s Italian hotel:  September 25, 2013


Part three.  Stage one:  enrollment and vote

     Enrollment methods: 

Those interested in enrolling are required to provide basic personal information and the materials listed below, and may participate in the contest upon surpassing the host entity’s review and approval:

1.    Present a theme for traveling in Taiwan, and also describe in 200 words why you chose such a theme?

2.    Present a memorable travel scenic spot photo, complete with 20 words of description.

3.    Present the blog address , personal profile and photos.

4.    Present a consecutive 10-day, 9-night Taiwan travel itinerary, which needs to incorporate the hotels under the L’Hotel de Chine Group.

*     The lodging accommodations are limited to one-night’s stay at Fleur de Chine, and two-nights’ stay at Palais de Chine, Chateau de Chine (in Sinjhuang, Taoyuan, Hualien, and Kaohsiung), Maison de Chine (in Miaoli, Taichung, and Chiayi), and Chinatrust Hotel Jhungli.


     Voting method: Approved submissions of the travel theme with 200 words of explanation why, along with scenic spot photos will be posted online for public voting. The top three entrants receiving the most number of votes in each group will be eligible to travel to Taiwan and participate in stage two’s L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary.


     Event rewards:

1.    The winners are eligible to receive a 10-day, 9-night complimentary accommodation at L’Hotel de Chine Group hotels.

2.    The winners are eligible to receive L’Hotel de Chine itinerary reward of NT$5,000.


Part four.       Stage two:  the execution of the “L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary”

     Event execution method: The participant is to arrive in Taiwan before the specified period of September 6, 2013 ~ Sept. 15, 2013 to execute the 10-day, 9-night itinerary presented in the travel plan.The participant is required to generate one travel article of over 500 words each day on the participant’s blog, with each article to be accompanied by image, photo or drawing insertion.

     L’Hotel de Chine travel mission:  While the blogger’s experiencing the “L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary”, the host entity will challenge the blogger with random“L’Hotel de Chine Travel Missions”, and the best winner will be eligible to receive a mystery prize.

     Evaluation/review method:  With the blogger’s average daily browsing volume on the articles published to account for 60% of the score and the judges’ score to account for 40% of the score, a winner is selected from each group.

     Event rewards:  A winner selected from each group is eligible to receive 6-night lodging at L’Hotel de Chine Group’s Italian hotel accommodations.


Part five.        Cautionary measures:

1.       The event rewards do not include the airfare, transportation means, meal service and relevant travel credential document and other related expenditures.

2.       Of the design of the 10-day, 9-night Taiwan travel itinerary (where the days need to be consecutive and cannot be disrupted), please caution for safety, and please also subscribe the travel safety insurance on your own, while the lodging accommodations are subject to the actual availability of the rooms at the hotel.

3.       During the progression of the “L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary”, the participant needs to compile articles during the travel period using text, graphic, image, photo and so forth for sharing on the event website’s designated area, with one article to be written per day.

4.       According to Taiwan’s tax legislation, the winner of any award competition with its prize valued over NT1,000 must declare and provide a photocopy of the front and back of his/her identity card for verification upon collection of the award. For any prizes valued over NT 20,000  a tax of 10% must be paid by the recipient, while non-Taiwan nationals must pay a 20% tax.

5.       The participants are to guarantee that all information supplied is of the blogger’s own creation and is also true and accurate, and have not forged any third party’s information or forged someone’s name to participate in the contest.  Moreover, the participants are also to guarantee that the works entered into the contest have not in any way infringed on others’ intellectual property rights or any other legally protected entitlements, and in the wake of any breach, the host entity may remove relevant content at once, and also cancel the participant’s qualification; in the case of a winner, the host entity may proceed to cancel whose qualification, and may also retroactively recall the rewards without replenishing the vacancy.  Of any damage inflicted on the host entity or any third party as a result, the participant shall assume all civil and criminal liability and also compensate the loss accrued as a result.

6.       The participant may not upload or spread films, text or graphics that run against the decent custom or breach the law, and of any violator, the host entity reserves the right to cancel whose qualification, and the person shall assume the legal liability.

7.       The winners may not be involved in any illegal conduct during the “L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary” period, and in the wake of any illegal conduct, the person shall be solely liable to assume all pertinent liability.

8.       The winner needs to execute the “L’Hotel de Chine Travel Itinerary” presented, and in the absence of any extraordinary just cause, may not modify the event theme or the content, and when in need of modifying it, the winner is to inform the host entity in advance, and also to obtain the host entity’s consent before changing it; when willfully changing the content without a proper consent, the host entity reserves the right to retroactively recall relevant rewards.

9.       For fairness, the Company’s employees and the Company’s internet platform partner employees may not participate in this activity. In the case of any violations, the participant will be disqualified.

10.    For the China group participants, please refer to Qunar for the rules and regulations of the activity. The Taiwan group and Hong Kong, Macau and international group activity method is not application to the China group. The awards for the China group contest will not include the six nights hotel accommodation at L’Hotel de Chine Group’s Italian hotels.

11.    The event’s rewards are nontransferable, and only the winner is eligible to receive the rewards; the host entity reserves the right to request the winner to present whose identity documents to verify whose qualification.

12.    In the event where a winner should fail to abide by relevant rules or honor whose obligations, the host entity may, depending on the severity of the circumstances, retroactively call a portion of the reward or cancel relevant rewards at once.

13.    In the wake of any circumstance of loss, error, unidentifiable or destruction occurred to the data the event participants supply on the ground of any computer, networking, technology or reasons unattributable to the host entity’s liability, the host entity does not assume any legal or compensatory liability.

14.    The participants have compiled, photographed or published of text, graphics or films during the enrollment and event periods shall be licensed permanently and with no charge to the host entity and the third party the host entity authorizes for free utilization in promotional campaign and related promotional events, and the participants further consent that the host entity reserves the right to disclose in newspapers, magazines or the media the participants’ introduction, and none of which carry any additional remunerations, and the participants also may not exercise the copyright right against the host entity or a third party the host entity authorizes. The winner also needs to support, at no additional charge, participating in the host entity has planned of campaigning and promotional events.

15.    The content of the event shall heed to the material posted on the official website, and in the event where the host entity should be unable to execute the event, the host entity reserves the right to cancel, modify, terminate, revise, interpret or temporarily suspend hosting the event at its discretion, and also reserves the right to render the final interpretation on event-related matters; the host entity also reserves the right to supplant, modify and interpret the event rules.