Welcome Message from Director-general Yunn-Hui Chou of Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Monday, September 19th 2016
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Dear friends:

Welcome to the Tourism Bureau Website. This is a window into Taiwanese culture. Let us discover and explore Taiwan, the hidden gem of Asia.

As the internationally renowned travel writer David Code described his experience in Taiwan, "Taiwan is an underrated gem of Asia, and any time you visit Taiwan, you will be richly rewarded." Indeed, Taiwan is a must-visit destination.

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a narrow and long island in the northeastern corner of the Pacific Ocean. Taiwan and its affiliated islands possess a truly one of a kind natural beauty. It has varied terrain, spectacular forestry, rich agricultural resources and a precious marine ecosystem, not to mention unique ethnic and cultural customs.

One of the famous iconic spots in Taiwan is Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has a unique architectural design which symbolizes several elements of the local culture. The skyscraper and its surrounding area also show Taipei’s cosmopolitan character, and are a blend of modern and traditional cultures, giving one the feeling of living in the past, present and future.

In Taiwan, you can experience rich ethnic culture, such as by exploring Hakka folk villages which offer authentic food and culture that were passed from generation to generation.  At the same time, you can explore Tainan, Taiwan’s ancient capital, where you’ll see the interchange between history and modern urban life. Each of its temples and historical heritage sites is a cultural footprint from the past.  Also in southern Taiwan is Kaohsiung’s Xiziwan, known for its beautiful sunsets, and Kenting, whose coastal scenery coupled with its night markets and street life are attractive to many tourists from overseas.

Magnificent Yushan, meanwhile, and its connected peaks are enriched with breathtaking geological landscape. It’s part of a huge mountain range which runs down the middle of Taiwan, separating the island into an eastern and western side.

Amid the mountains, places that are worth visiting include the Alishan sacred trees forest, Wuling Farm and its beautiful cherry blossoms, Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake and Yuchih Village’s tea farms.

In eastern Taiwan, you’ll find the favorite forms of transportation are the train and bicycle. Taking the train, the beautiful coastal scenery outside the window draws many passengers’ attention. In the summer, the train passes by seemingly endless lush green rice fields; and during harvest time, passengers will be treated to scenes of a sea of magnificent golden rice. During different seasons, this area offers different scenes, but all promise to be stunning and touching. The beauty of eastern Taiwan also includes Ilan’s leisurely and quiet countryside scenes, Hualian’s magnificent and beautiful Taroko Gorge canyon, as well as Taitung’s Luye Pateau and its hot air balloon carnival. All of these attractions further draw worldwide attention to the beauty of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s outlying islands - Kinmen , Matsu , Green Island , Orchid Island and Penghu – also have their charm. Kinmen and Matsu, former battlefield frontlines in Taiwan’s defense, offer wartime historical sites and foster an appreciation for peace. Lanyu is one of the least developed homelands of Taiwan’s indigenous people, who are linked by heritage to Austronesian cultures. Green Island and Penghu are great places to explore rich marine ecology and charming fishing villages. All of these islands can be rated as international-level tourist attractions.

Taiwan’s scenery is indeed rich and diverse. With each corner you turn, you’ll find local stories, history and customs that can be both educational and moving. We welcome everyone to visit Taiwan and explore the multi-faceted attractions on this beautiful island. It’s a must-see destination and an unforgettable experience!



  • Educational Background
    1. Ph.D. in Institute of Traffic and Transportation, National Chiao Tung University
    2. M.S. in Institute of Traffic and Transportation, National Chiao Tung University
    3. B.S. in Department of Transportation Technology and Management, Feng Chia University
  • Examination and Training
    1. 1989 Transportation Administration, National Senior Civil Service Examination
    2. 2009 Study in Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
    3. 2013 Study in University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

      ( Executive Yuan Senior Civil Servants Training Project)

  • Past Experience
    1. Director General, Taiwan Railways Administration, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    2. Director General, Railway Reconstruction Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    3. Deputy Director, Secretary General, Railway Reconstruction Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    4. Chief, Senior Executive Officer, Ministry Department of Railways and Highways, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    5. Chief, Bureau of High Speed Rail, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    6. Research Fellow, Institute of Transportation, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    7. Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
    8. Board Director of China Road Federation
  • Present Position
    1. Director-general, Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C.
    2. President of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association