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Taiwan Touch Your Heart

By TVA in LA Published August 16, 2006

Ever since the promotion of multi-gain in Tourist to Taiwan in the year 2004, there has been increasing number of tourists visiting Taiwan, and the promotion appears to be quite success; in 2005, there were approximate 3,378,000 visits to Taiwan, the highest in Taiwan tourism history, and the figure is also much greater than the original expected 3,250,000 visitors.  Taiwan Tourism Bureau is also spending a budget of over 200,000 USD for leasing a billboard near the entrance to LAX in Los Angeles, California.  The board is located right at the intersection of Century Blvd and Aviation Blvd, it's a 20 x 60 (feet), and expect this to increase the number of residents of Southern California to include Taiwan as one of their travel destinations.


The artwork for the board arises from the idea of the Director General of Taiwan Tourism Bureau; with elaborate colors, and the placement of the Tourism Bureau's logo in the center of the board is very representative and deep in meaning, the character "T" is like the roof for a house, and the Tourism Bureau wishes to make the visitors feel at home; the letter "A" is like a hospitable host warmly welcomes his guest, the guest being the character "I".  The character "W" appears to look like the host and the guest greeting each other.  After the greeting, the host is supposed to treat his guest to a cup of tea, and that's the exact representation of the characters "A" and "N".  The Taiwan postmark at the upper right-hand corner of the logo uses the color red to represent a pure and brave heart, and expresses the sincerity and hospitality of the slogan "Taiwan Touch Your Heart".


The "Naruwan dolls" on each side of the logo holds up a banner that says "Welcome to Taiwan", they are in colorful aboriginal Taiwanese costumes, with bright and friendly smiles, welcomes the guests from the U.S. to travel to Taiwan, other than the 8 flagship destinations (Taipei 101, The National Palace Museum, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Yu-shan, Love River in Kaohsiung, Kenting and the Taroko Gorge), and the cultural experiences of aboriginal cultures in Taiwan is something that you cannot miss!


To let people in the U.S. to learn more about traveling to Taiwan, on the billboard near LAX includes the North America website address setup by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, at  On the site, you can find the newest information on tourism in Taiwan, introductions to the traditional festivities, information on the promotions in North America and information on travel packages to Taiwan by major travel operators to Taiwan.  The website includes much useful information, and to celebrate the better and newer North America website, if you sign up for a member on the website, you can be one of the winners to win a free trip to Taiwan! The offer is good until the end of September,


To promote tourism to Taiwan, the Travel Section of the Taipei Cultural and Economic office in Los Angeles is working their hardest to promote Taiwan tourism and bring more visitors to Taiwan, allowing more people to experience the great cuisine, magnificent sights, and a brand new feel to traveling!

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