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By TVA in LA Published May 15, 2008

LOS ANGELES - A recent visit from several high-level officials in the Taiwanese government marked the launch of the new "Tour Taiwan Years 2008-2009" campaign, which aims to further increase revenue for the country's tourism sector. The visit was met with a banquet hosting a guest list of over 150 industry insiders, including travel operators, prominent business owners, press and various government officials, whom of which convened at the Universal Hilton on Monday, April 14. The event featured industry workshops, live entertainment and served Taiwanese cuisine.

Special guests, the Taipei Neo Wave Ensemble, a performance ensemble which integrates western musical styles adapted for traditional Chinese instruments, lent a new interpretation of classic Latin jazz standards. Their fervent blend of musical flavor emanating out of the traditional Chinese flutes, Chinese zither and stringed instruments served as a subtle symbolism alluding to Taiwan's constant strive towards modernization, yet its refusal to abandon its cultural roots. It is exactly this charm and savvy that sparks so much confidence among Taiwanese investors in the booming tourism sector.
According to projections by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), despite talks of economic recession, the global tourism sector is expected to grow by 5% annually. However, Taiwan holds hopes to increase tourism revenue to the island by a full 7% via the unveiling of this promotional campaign. Its tourism bureau estimates that by 2009, Taiwan will experience an upwards of 4.2 million international travelers within its borders. Taiwan is hedging its bets on attracting visitors with its multicultural environment, mountains and oceans within a day's time, and its world class culinary specialties. Participants in this promotion can take advantage of a complementary Taipei MRT one-day pass, tickets for a Love River cruise through Kaohsiung, discounted amusement park passes, specialty gift sets, or hot spring passes being offered as incentive. Industry insiders are especially looking towards next year, where the opening of the World Games in Kaohsiung promises to bring even more opportunities for business, as tourists to the games will undoubtedly clamor for nearby travel ideas and packages.

Tsai Dui, the Minister of Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communication has expressed his full support for this campaign and extolled the value of further cooperation between the United States and Taiwan on every level possible. Taiwan has worked feverishly hard at promoting tourism and an overall cultural exchange with the American people, and is now finally beginning to reap the fruits of its efforts. Taiwan has focused intently on building the infrastructure to accommodate the influx of visitors, as well as expanding and improving the resources and service industry available to meet the needs of its tourists.  

Meanwhile Janice Seh-Jen Lai, Director-General of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, made perfectly clear her position, stating "Taiwan has it all; whether it be those who crave adventure travel, or simply nature lovers, Taiwan offers opportunities to satisfy all tastes. From its grand city landscapes to its unique cultural identity, luxurious shopping escapades to remote hidden getaways, Taiwan just simply has it all."

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