Scuba Diving

scuba diving photo Taiwan is one of Asia's great undiscovered dive destinations, with diving to rival neighbouring dive spots in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. With its subtropical location directly on the Tropic of Cancer, its not suprising that the waters around the island are rich in sealife and spectacular reef.

More and more divers are now discovering Taiwan, and there are over 50 dive shops on the island.

PADI, NAUI and SSI qualifications are all recognized in Taiwan, and there are numerous training schools for new and novice divers.

Most dive shops also offer gear hire and airfill- at an average rate of NT$1000 daily. Boat hire varies from place to place.

Some of the top dive spots include:

Kending photo South Taiwan Kending


Excellent shore dives are possible at Kending on the southern tip of the island. The area is a National Park, and local dive guides can show you the best spots for a direct shore dive.

The precipitous cliffs that line the coast here plummet straight down to extensive coral reefs that are alive with fish. Visibility here is generally very good, averaging 15 metres. There is a lot of surge here over deep coral canyons, which make this an excellent feeding ground for sealife. In addition to large schools of fish, there are hawksbill turtles, blue-spotted sting-rays, and lots of lobsters. The face of the cliffs have plenty of spectacular swim throughs and caves to explore.

Green Island photo Coral Reef Green Island

Green Island

Taiwan's best diving is found in the waters around the shores of Green Island, 50 kilometers off the coast near Taitung. There are many reefs to explore with regular dive charters and organized trips.There is also shore dives off the beaches at the Southernmost point of the island.
Penghu Islands photo Penghu Island Scenic View

Penghu Islands

If you like drift driving, head to the Penghu Islands. The straits here have particularly strong currents that are ideal for drifts, and as always, strong ocean currents draw in plenty of big pelagics, sharks and the occasional whale.

More information about diving in Taiwan is available from Friendship Divers Association International at (02)362-9658 or the China Diving Association at (02)567-0256.