Northern Taiwan

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Northern Taiwan is a land of great contrasts, from high mountain peaks to white sandy beaches, with stunning waterfalls, hot springs and old gold mining towns along the way.

Here are some highlights:

Wulai Cable Car, North Taiwan Wulai Cable Car, North Taiwan


Wulai is a mountainous area just south of Taipei is widely known for its spectacular scenery, cool fresh air and its stunning waterfalls. This is an excellent destination for a rainy day- the rain brings the area to life with spectacular plunging waterfalls surrounding the breathtaking gorges of the Nanshih River.

There is a cable car to the top of the Wulai falls which provides breathtakiing views of both the falls and the surrounding area.

Among all of the stunning scenery lies several small Aboriginal villages and a series of hot springs, all of which have been developed into fully fledged health resorts.

The village of Fushan, reached by a twisting mountainous road, is a typical rural aboriginal village. The area has many hiking trails for exploring the local countryside.

Also not to be missed is the Tsushih Temple- one of the most beautiful in Taiwan. This is !?Ddivine ancestor temple!| which was rehabilitated and restored after falling into disrepair during the Japanese occupation. It has magnificent temple artwork, and is a popular place for local festivals.


This gold mining town in the hills near Keelung was all but abandoned after its supply of gold ran out. As a result, little has changed in Chiufen for decades, and the town is now one of the finest examples of historical Taiwanese architecture. The narrow winding streets are surrounded by excellent traditional teahouses, museums and art galleries.

Taiwan North Eastern coast Taiwan North Eastern coast


Without doubt the finest beach in all of Northern Taiwan, this is the where the rugged rocky coastline gives way to wide white sand.

This is a good surfing beach with clean breaks and consistent waves, and there are plenty of other watersports available- waterskiing, jet-skiing and sailing. Further out beyond the surf is a coral reef perfect for snorkeling.

Mt. Dabajian Mt. Dabajian

Mt. Dabajian

A Guided trek to the summit of this spectacular 3492 m peak, locally known as Big Chief Pointed Mountain is one of the finest trekking experiences in Taiwan. The challenging 3 day ascent takes you from forested foothills to the stark, pyramidal summit. Most climbers time their treks for a stunning dawn ascent to the peak as the sun breaks over the surrounding countryside.