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Taiwan is an excellent shopping destination, with everything from Ultra-modern shopping malls to traditional markets offering a wide array of goods.

Taiwan's ready access to Asia makes it an ideal place for the bargain hunter, with large scale shopping centres and malls for clothing, electronic goods, cosmetics and much more. For a listing of major shopping centres in Taipei click the following link: Shopping centres in Taiwan

Taipei 101

In many cities and large towns, Night Markets are a popular choice for shoppers. These open air street markets come to life in the cool of the evening, with stalls and vendors selling a remarkable range of products- and there are plenty of bargains to be had. For more information on Night Markets click the following link: Night Markets

Jade jewelry is very popular with both locals and visitors alike, with many elegant designs crafted form this precious Chinese stone.

Finely painted Chinese scrolls and traditional Chinese watercolors and decorated cloth are also widely available, as are bamboo and rattan mats and screens.

Pottery and ceramics are a great Chinese tradition and Taiwan is a great place to find both practical and decorative ceramic products- Tea sets for serving traditional Chinese tea are a particularly popular item.

Taipei 101

Decorative incense burners are an important part of Buddhist culture and can be found all over Taiwan, and make great gifts and souvenirs.

For traditional handicrafts in Taipei- visit Lugang-Jhongshan Road, the Sanyi area for wood carving, Yingge for pottery or Jioufen for modern artwork.

One of the most popular traditional Chinese handicrafts is the “Name Chop”. A chop is a personalized seal, which can be carved from any number of materials. The chop is similar to an ink stamp, with the owners name carved in Chinese characters.

Chops have been used in China for centuries as a means of identification in place of a signature. Chop stamps in red ink are still used in Taiwan to authorize legal documents.

Visitors can have their name translated into Chinese characters and then have their own personalized chop made for them. Chops can be made inexpensively from wood, and more elaborate chops can be made from stone, jade or steel.

A boxed chop makes an excellent, very personal gift.

If you'd like your name translated into Chinese characters, click the following link: Translate english names to chinese characters


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