Traditional Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is still widely practiced in Taiwan.

Traditional Medicine Traditional Medicine

Chinese medicine has gained popularity in the West over recent years. It is based on the belief that the body will recover from illness when the person's Yin and Yang energies and Qi energy are in balance.

A wide range of Traditional therapies are available in Taiwan, including: Acupuncture (using needles to activate change in the body) , Herbalism (traditional herbal remedies), Nutrition or food therapy, Cupping (applying heated cups to draw energy and toxins from the body), Qigong exercises, Gua Sha or coin-rubbing, Acupressure and various styles of massage such as Tuina and Sonopuncture or phonophorese--the use of sound vibration on acupoints.

A phonophorese therapist A phonophorese therapist

The theory and philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine is that if all the energies are in balance, the body heals as a natural outcome; the energy is the foundation of the body as well as the mind.