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    pic a holiday resort in Taiwan

    Taiwan is located in the western Pacific Ocean 160 km (100 miles) off the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland. Positioned midway between Korea and Japan to the north and Hong Kong and the Philippines to the South, this 35, 563 sq. kms. Island is a convenient gateway to Asia.

    Taiwan is a mountainous island with a great range of terrain, from tropical beaches up to spectacular 3952 metre peaks- the highest non-Himalyan mountains in North East Asia.

    Taiwanese territory also incorporates many small offshore island chains.

  • Climate

    Taiwan’s subtropical climate, with generally warm temperatures and Northern Hemisphere Summers (June-September) and Winters (November-March) Summers can be hot and wet, although rainfall is often limited to afternoon and evening storms. Winter temperatures are mild and the only snowfall is on Mountain peaks.

    There are numerous private bus and coach services with a wide range of services and comfort levels. Tickets can be booked in advance from travel agencies.

    For current weather forecasts click here Weather in Taiwan

  • Population

    Taiwan has a current population of just over 22 million. The most heavily populated city is Taipei with more than 2.7 million people. Other large cities are Kaohsiung with 1,435,000 residents, Taichung with 860,000 and Tainan with 708,000.

    For more information on the people of Taiwan click here: History, Traditional Culture, Religion.

  • Electricity

    Electricity is 110 Volts, 60 cycles AC. Visitors should carry a multi-plug adaptor for local sockets. Ensure that your appliances and chargers can be switched to 110 Volts before using them.

  • Currency

    Taiwan’s official currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Coins come in denominations of NT$1, 5,10 and 50 while notes are issued in values of NT$50,100, 500 and 1000. Please use our currency converter: Currency Converter to check current exchange rates.

    Banks and Hotels will exchange most major currencies. Major credit cards are accepted in most Taiwanese cities and large towns.

  • Business Hours

    Business Hours
    BanksMonday - Friday, 0900 to 1530
    Commercial FirmsMonday - Friday, 0900 to 1700
    Government OfficesMonday - Friday, 0830 to 1230 and 1330 to 1730
    Department StoresSunday - Saturday, 1000 or 1100 to 2100
    Most other storesSunday - Saturday, 0900 or 1000 to 2200
  • Currency

    Payphones and hotel phones can be used for making local and Direct Dial International calls. Local cellphone networks can be used for roaming phone services- local SIM cards are widely available for travelers.

    Business centres in large hotels offer phone/fax and internet services.


    Cyber-cafes and Hotel business centres can be provide ready internet services. If you are travelling with your laptop you will need an International Direct Dial (IDD) line with an RJ-11 phone jack to access your ISP.


    The standard rate for domestic letters is NT$5 and NT$12 for express delivery. International express mail services and parcel/package services are also available.

  • Media

    The majority of Taiwanese media is in Chinese, although an increasing number of cable TV channels broadcast English language channels including major news channels such as CNN- which can be found in many larger hotels.

    Taiwan also has three local English language newspapers, Taiwan News, Taipei Times and China Post. There also English language news services on the ICRT (International Community Radio Taiwan).

  • Time

    Taiwan is GMT+8 and does not have seasonal time variation.